Advanced Retirement Solutions

Most of the wealth accumulated for retirement occurs in retail banks, brokerage firms or credit unions. While this provides a valuable service, these “money systems” the crowds pursue, perform like short term savings accounts that, more often than not, spend down the majority of the person’s wealth.  For most, up to 80% of their assets are spent down.

Today the financial world is a sea of opinions and a war of words that at best confuse the masses. Many jump from one adviser to the next in hope of pursuing a better investment experience.

But all things considered, they all work with the same inventoried common programs and systems.

Where the Smart Money Is

In the money world, it is commonly heard that, “if only I could buy when the big guys buy and sell when the big guys sell, I would have a lot more for my efforts.” The smart money, by and large, is institutional and often comes in billion dollar blocks of capital.

Friends and family of these big guns are often invited to work with blocks of capital adjusted for their appropriate investment size. Those invited, can and often do, have more to show for their efforts.  Working with what the big guns work with on a smaller scale, and applying equivalent expertise, has proven to have the highest probability of duplicating similar results.

Institutional capital is often collateralized which mitigates risk. Advanced Retirement Solutions employs comparable methods that allow the average American to enjoy similar opportunities while minimizing the ordinary spend down of assets that traditional retail money systems work with. 

For example, one of our investment banking resources working with a two-billion-dollar portfolio of assets, provides us with 8% on capital annualized funds. The average IRA must keep earnings above 4% to mitigate spenddown. Do the math. Institutional funds yielding 8% more than accomplishes this.

Our philosophy is simple: We duplicate the successful and enjoy similar results. Very few have access to and are qualified to offer the private and proprietary Advanced Retirement Solutions. I would encourage you to accept this private invitation to see if you might qualify to work with institutional funds. I look forward to our private meeting to answer any questions you may have and help you attain a better future for you and your family.

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